Your Questions Answered


Think of it as a strategic collaboration. While my extensive HR background offers a unique lens into the hiring process, it's complemented by my English degree, providing me the writing finesse essential for standout resumes. Together, we will transform your experiences and achievements into a compelling narrative.

But a resume is more than a list of past jobs—it's your professional introduction and first impression. By leveraging our combined insights and strengths, you gain a resume that not only chronicles your career but also brands and positions you uniquely in the market. This document will be error-free, strategically tailored, and most importantly, a reflection of your distinct character and value. In a competitive job market, these nuances make all the difference, propelling your job search and letting you proceed with confidence.

Payment is due in full prior to the start of all projects. Please let me know if you require a flexible fee structure versus full payment upon project commencement. I am able to offer various options dependent on your needs. 

Yes. I have a privacy policy and maintain strict confidentiality. I never disclose my clients' names (unless authorized) and do not sell or share my clients' data.

Each résumé project begins with a kick-off strategy session call. This session (phone call) is a comprehensive interview during which I review your career/previous positions and find out more about your strengths, values, and what makes you unique.

These meetings typically take about 2 hours and are invaluable for learning important details.

I provide a résumé draft within 10 business days of the kick-off call.

As this is a collaborative process, the timing is dependent upon how much time a client needs to answer questions or review drafts.  Additionally, I do not have a limit to the number of revisions and we are not finished with your résumé until you decide.

I do require feedback/edits to the first draft within 10 business days unless a pre-arranged agreement is made or the draft is considered final.


Your résumé will be focused on content, highlighting your experience and, most importantly, your accomplishments.

While résumés should be visually appealing, I do not use graphics (such as charts, graphs, pictures) and avoid formatting that could result in your rèsumè getting lost in an ATS or which might distract from the valuable content. 

Your involvement is pivotal to crafting a resume that truly reflects your strengths and accomplishments. While I bring expertise in presenting you in the best light, it's the rich details of your experiences and areas of excellence that form the foundation. Collaboratively, with your insights and my expertise, we will create a standout résumé. Your proactive participation in sharing information and giving feedback is crucial to this process.




I would love to review your résumé!